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Please note that all recent action documents are available online, but some older action documents may not be available online at this time. We will be adding the older documents as time permits. If you cannot locate the document please notify the Board office and we will assist with this matter.

Recent Board Actions

Date Name Profile Link
July - 2024
7/11/2024 Reardon, Eileen Margaret View Profile
7/9/2024 Banda, Rodrigo Ernesto View Profile
7/9/2024 Awobuluyi, Marc Taiwo View Profile
7/8/2024 Novak, Victoria Nicole View Profile
7/1/2024 Owens, Andrew Jackson View Profile
June - 2024
6/24/2024 Larson, Valerie A. View Profile
6/24/2024 Ryan, Keith Aaron View Profile
6/24/2024 Mutnick, Jack Leon-Max View Profile
6/24/2024 Smith, Scott William View Profile
6/24/2024 Amiotte, Lowell Ralph View Profile
6/20/2024 Wells, Branden Earl View Profile
6/13/2024 Green, Sinikka Liisa View Profile
6/13/2024 Jah, Fatimah Omar View Profile



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