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SDBMOE Board Actions - 2017

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Date Name Profile Link
December - 2017
12/14/2017 Aanning, Harald Larsen View Profile
12/14/2017 Bernick, Steven John View Profile
12/14/2017 Graeff, Russell Edwin View Profile
12/14/2017 Mobley, Elijah View Profile
12/14/2017 Weber, S. Patrick View Profile
November - 2017
11/27/2017 Dharma, Kala Rachel View Profile
October - 2017
10/10/2017 Aanning, Harald Larsen View Profile
10/3/2017 Whirlwind Soldier, DuWayne Hugh View Profile
September - 2017
9/14/2017 Blackham, Kerry Alan View Profile
9/14/2017 Lucas, Donald James View Profile
9/14/2017 Plummer, Richard Lee View Profile
9/13/2017 Mehta, Dharmesh View Profile
August - 2017
8/7/2017 Pokharel, Saurav View Profile
June - 2017
6/28/2017 Mutnick, Jack Leon-Max View Profile
6/26/2017 Cook, John Edmund View Profile
6/21/2017 Burdette, David D. View Profile
6/8/2017 Blackham, Kerry Alan View Profile
6/8/2017 Estes, Benjamin Cory View Profile
6/8/2017 Ferrell, James Bruce View Profile
6/8/2017 Finch, Sudhir Eugene View Profile
6/8/2017 Morales, Ramon Alejandro View Profile
6/8/2017 Rahulan, Vijil Komanthakkal View Profile
6/8/2017 Rosenkrans, Danielle Davida Prince View Profile
April - 2017
4/4/2017 Peterson, Thomas Michael View Profile
March - 2017
3/31/2017 Estes, Benjamin Cory View Profile
3/20/2017 Fehr, Gregory B. View Profile
3/16/2017 Ali, Ahmed Maher View Profile
3/9/2017 Riley, Joseph Patrick View Profile

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