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SDBMOE Board Actions - 2008

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Date Name Profile Link
December - 2008
12/30/2008 Myrvik, Todd F. View Profile
12/11/2008 Baschnagel, Brian View Profile
12/5/2008 Crute, Denise View Profile
12/5/2008 Gilpin, Clark D. View Profile
12/5/2008 Larson, Timothy L. View Profile
12/5/2008 Veizaga-Mendez, Jose E. View Profile
November - 2008
11/13/2008 Tiemann, William E. View Profile
October - 2008
10/20/2008 Tiemann, William E. View Profile
August - 2008
8/7/2008 Cohen, Matthew S. View Profile
April - 2008
4/18/2008 Clark, Teralynn Sue View Profile
March - 2008
3/26/2008 Buckau, Jeffrey A. View Profile
3/26/2008 Mroueh, Karim Nassib View Profile
January - 2008
1/9/2008 O'Connor, Brian Lee View Profile

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