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SDBMOE Board Actions - 2019

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Date Name Profile Link
October - 2019
10/11/2019 Henderson, Clarence William View Profile
September - 2019
9/12/2019 Clewis, Anthony View Profile
9/12/2019 Gallagher, Stanley C. View Profile
9/12/2019 Klotzke, Elizabeth Ann View Profile
9/12/2019 Neumayr, Robert J. View Profile
9/12/2019 Picardi, Edward Joseph silvio View Profile
9/12/2019 Smith, Adam Bryant View Profile
June - 2019
6/27/2019 Bosworth, Annette Marie View Profile
6/13/2019 Finch, Sudhir Eugene View Profile
6/13/2019 Kastl, Erin Nicole View Profile
6/13/2019 Knotek-Wangberg, Nicholas Lee View Profile
6/13/2019 Maiocco, Robert Clarke View Profile
6/10/2019 Gallagher, Stanley C. View Profile
January - 2019
1/16/2019 Arredondo, Dane Charles View Profile
1/2/2019 Knotek-Wangberg, Nicholas Lee View Profile

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